Visa launches Real Time Visa Account Updater in Asia Pacific to streamline payment experiences


Visa Account Updater provides lifelong credentials that empower merchants with enhanced operational efficiency, improved transaction success rates; customers no longer need to update credit card information across multiple platforms


Visa, a world leader in digital payments, announced the expansion of Real Time Visa Account Updater (VAU) to selected markets in Asia Pacific[1], streamlining the payment experience for merchants and customers by providing cardholders with a single credential for life. With the introduction of the service in Asia Pacific, consumers and merchants in the region will have access to Real Time VAU across subscription services such as ride-hailing, food delivery and monthly utility payments, amongst others.

Backed by Visa's technology, Real Time VAU helps merchants solve the issue of declined payments from customers with expired or replaced debit and credit cards by allowing businesses to effortlessly update customers' stored card details in real time. When a merchant submits a payment, Real Time VAU instantly checks for the latest card details and will transact the payment request with the updated card details, lowering the rates of authorization declines, lost sales and severed cardholder relationships. Real Time VAU was first launched by Visa in North America in 2017, and in Europe in 2022.

"We have seen Cambodia embrace digital payment solutions as it undertakes digital transformation. At Visa, we are committed to facilitating the best ways to pay and be paid and seek innovative solutions to streamline the payment experience," said Ms. Ivana Tranchini, Visa Country Manager for Cambodia. "VAU is empowering as it enables merchants to ease the card-on-file transaction process, which will bolster sales and lead to authorization rate uplift, while at the same time, cardholders can benefit from a single credential for life, an improvement that is sure to enhance their payment experience."

"While card expiration and replacement are necessary as part of fraud protection and card security enhancements, we recognize that consumers often face the unnecessary inconvenience of updating numerous automatic payment arrangements every few years when issued a new card," said T.R. Ramachandran, Head of Products & Solutions, Asia Pacific, Visa. "The launch of Real Time VAU, in collaboration with our partners in Asia Pacific, will streamline this process while continuing to uphold the highest level of security. By providing merchants with the technology, we are empowering them to increase revenue and card authorization rates, while delivering a seamless payment experience that aligns with what consumers have come to expect today."

Businesses and consumers are increasingly migrating away from cash to electronic and card payments with the proliferation of contactless payments and online services. However, the process of manually updating credentials upon card expiry or upgrade causes frustration in the payments journey. By facilitating the secure exchange of updated account information between participating merchants and Visa card issuers, VAU empowers these merchants to provide a seamless payment experience that fosters customer loyalty and retention, while boosting overall sales revenue.

In Asia Pacific, Visa is partnering with four global payment gateways and acquirers – Adyen,, Stripe and Worldpay – to launch VAU in Asia Pacific. Cybersource, a Visa solution, is also offering VAU to customers to enable more businesses across the region to reap the benefits of VAU. This will especially benefit businesses who offer subscription services, such as ride-hailing apps, merchants in the food delivery and utility space, and more.

Warren Hayashi, President, Asia Pacific, Adyen
"We are excited to collaborate with Visa to bring Real Time Visa Account Updater (VAU) to Asia Pacific, building upon our successful adoption of the technology in Europe last year. This partnership enables us to enhance the payment experience for our customers across multiple regions by seamlessly updating their card details in real time. With Real Time VAU, we can minimize declined transactions to retain customer revenue and ensure a frictionless payment experience."

Brian Sze, General Manager APAC,
"Partnering with Visa to bring Real Time Visa Account Updater (VAU) across Asia Pacific is a significant step in minimizing friction for consumers, eliminating the frustration that many face when they have to do manual updating of payment credentials. This solution also makes it a smarter way for businesses to be paid, enabling them to dedicate scarce resources to drive their business priorities instead of worrying about card declines."

Michael Balsamo, Head of International Card Networks, Stripe
"At Stripe, we are obsessed with helping businesses increase their revenue. In the last year, 40% of cardholders replaced their cards as a result of the card expiring, getting lost, or being compromised by fraud and most cardholders don't typically update their card details. We are excited to be the first to partner with Visa to extend real-time updates to businesses in Asia Pacific. This will result in a more seamless checkout experience, where customers can complete their purchase quickly on the very first try."

Phil Pomford, SVP, General Manager of APAC, Worldpay from FIS
"As a leading provider of payment solutions, we are delighted to collaborate with Visa to support Visa Account Updater Suite (VAUS) to our customers in Asia Pacific. Our ambition is to work together with our partners to accelerate global commerce for our merchants and consumers. VAUS revolutionizes the way businesses manage card updates, improving payment authorization rates and reducing customer friction to help merchants boost revenue."



[1]Applicable to all Asia Pacific markets except Bangladesh, China and India.


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